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Altek International has been producing pumps, regulators and components for field sprayers since 1965. Having been a subsidiary for many years of a leading international manufacturer of field sprayers, altek is familiar with the needs and requirements of design engineers during the development of modern high tech sprayers. We offer a wide range of products from several sources – click a product category from the list below to view the full range of products we have to offer within that category, with the option to download a PDF document with all the details about that particular product. If you require a product that isn’t listed above then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can try to fulfil your requirement as best as possible.

Product Catalogues


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Size [KB]
Pump Guard
Pumps Catalogue 4869
Pump Maintenance 5000
P70 136
P100 136
P120 138
P150 170
P200 170
P260 173
P380 233
P200/P200 291
P500 281
P260/P260 343
P260/P260/P260 276
Working diaphragms 171
Mounting parts hydraulic drive P70-P380 171
Mounting parts hydraulic drive >P380 121
Mounting parts pump variation 162
P200 Technical Information 1,259
Duramax Diaphragm 528


Information Link
Size [KB]
Installation Guide – Electric Proportional Regulator eppr400-2 1,668
SBR 500 547
Regulators Catalogue 4313
Regulators Information 4313
Proportional regulator 120 135
Proportional regulator 200 149
Constant pressure regulator 120 125
Constant pressure regulator 200 138
Electrical proportional regulator 400 133
Manual proportional regulator 300 232
Regulator and Manifold Assemblies 133

Pressure Relief Valves

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Size [KB]
Pressure Relief Valves 4313

Mechanical Valves

Information Link
Size [KB]
Mechanical Valves Catalogue 3666
Mechanical Valves Information 3666
Mechanical shut off valve 24/AS20 90
Mechanical shut off valve 36/AS24 94
Mechanical double valve 36/AS20 112
Mechanical constant pressure valve 36/AS20 93
Mechanical shut off valve 36/ø25 108
Quick-Fit Valve, 2-way Manual operating 167
Manifold Assemblies 91

Electric Valves / Section Valves

Information Link
Size [KB]
Electrical Boom Section Valves Catalogue 4825
Electrical Valves Information 4825
Electrical shut off valve 36/AS24 104
Electrical shut off valve 36/ø25mm 108
Modular-Fit Valve, 2-way with pressure relief 182
Modular-Fit Valve, 3-way with pressure relief & constant pressure system 256
Modular-Fit Valve, 3-way with constant pressure system 232
Modular-Fit Valve, 2-way 245
Modular-Fit Valve, 2-way 258
Quick-Fit Valve, 2-way 226

Nozzle Bodies

Information Link
Size [KB]
Pneumatic Valves Catalogue 3349
Pneumatic Valves Information 3349
Spray-Stop 161
Direct Control 171
Direct-Control / Master valve 180
Multi-Spray, twin 162
Multi-Spray, quad 280
Multi-Spray Direct-Control: twin 144
Multi-Spray Direct-Control: quad 138

Ball Valves

New 2 & 3 Way Manual Ball Valves
Information Link
Size [KB]
2 Way Ball Valve – Manual 175
3 Way Ball Valve – Manual – No Flow 189
3 Way Ball Valve – Manual – Continuous Flow 198
Information Link
Size [KB]
Ball Valves Catalogue 3729
Ball Valves Information 3729
Manual 5-way ball valve 1 and 1¼” 141
Electrical 5-way ball valve 1¼” 190
Manual 5-way ball valve 2″ 106
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“ 181
Manual 5-way ball valve 2“, 15 bar 294
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“, 15 bar 377
Manual 5-way ball valve 3“ 408
Electrical 5-way ball valve 3“ 265
Electrical 5-way ball valve 1¼” Smart Series 195
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“ Smart Series 186
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“, 15 bar Smart Series 394
Electrical 5-way ball valve 3“ Smart Series 283
Manual 3-way ball valve ø39mm, bottom feed 166
Electrical 3-way ball valve ø39mm, bottom feed 168
Ball valves Smart Series 168

Quick-Fit Fittings & Accessories

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Size [KB]
Quick-Fit Fittings Catalogue 6700


Information Link
Size [KB]
Correct installation of filter insert following servicing 600
Pressure Filters Catalogue 154
Pressure filter 260l 160
Pressure filter 500l 154
Operating mode of self cleaning filter 154


Information Link
Size [KB]
Electronics Catalogue 3517
Harrison Smart Nozzle System: Individual Nozzle / Variable Rate Control 396
Electronic Upgrade KIT for sprayers 105
Control unit for electrical ball valves 322
Altek Conversion Kit Modular-Fit-Valves (MFV) 396

Spare Parts & Service Information

Information Link
Size [KB]
P500 PUMP – ALT83528 1120
Altek Pump Oil Level 171
New Desmopan Diaphragm 167
Reservoir Caps 270
Pump Repair Manual 2016 Version 5970
Pump Maintenance 5000
Nozzle Body Information
Information Link
Size [KB]
Ball Valve Information
Information Link
Size [KB]
Ball & Seal Replacement-2 inch 3 Way Ball Valve 890
Seal Information 249
Central Valve Overload Protection 134
Manual Operation of Electric Ball Valve 134
ISO Filter Insert Sizes and Colours
Information Link
Size [KB]
3-way suction filter valve 1½” 94
3-way suction filter valve 1¾” 101
Pressure filter with drain valve 66
Pressure filter with self rinsing valve 77
Complete Allman product gallery
Information Link
Size [KB]
EVD to MFV Modification – Vicon Controller 335
Pressure Filters
Information Link
Size [KB]
Filter Service Information 446

Quick-Fit Plug-In System

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.54.03

Plug it

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.57.29

Fix it

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.54.43


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Our Altek Quick-Fit system, which has been successful for many years, contains a wide range of possible combinations of plug-in fittings, e.g. hose tails, tee pieces, cross pieces and tank fittings. The single components are fixed together using a simple safety pin – the quickest method of connecting when making up a sprayer fluid system.]


Push-fit with a secure staple fastening

Less production time and costs required in manufacturing

Reduced need to use sealing tape / thread-fittings

Allows assembly workers the flexibility to move the fittings when assembled without any chance of breaking the seal

Additional Information

Our fittings are compatible with the altek plug-in system components (pressure regulators, ball valves, control valves etc). Their outstanding feature is their excellent strength and durability. We use glass-fibre reinforced POM and FPM gaskets (Viton) for sealing. Special fittings can be designed on request.

Get in touch about Quick-Fit